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Catalogue of Documents

Documents relating to Birklands located by searching the National Archives index

Location key: Not - Nottinghamshire Archives / NotU - Nottingham University Library / Kew - The National Archives, Kew / Parl - Parliamentary Archives

Date Loc Details
1231 Not perambulation dividing forest and disafforested areas of Notts ...along the river Medine to Warsop and on to Plesley Park, then to Hegbridgebrug …
1293 Not the inhabitants of Walesby to have indrift and outurift in Bilhaw and Birkland with common for their cattle at all times; without further molestation by John Brewster, keeper there or by anyone else
1301 Not patent of Edward I confirming perambulation … from ford of Conyngeswath along the Medine to Warsop, then to Park of Pleseley and to Haytrebrigge, thence to Milneford Bridge an
1316 Not confirming perambulation stating that it left outside the forest, Runwod, Carberton and Clone, Boteby and half of Thourisby and Skeggeby, Sutton on Assechefeld and Bullewell, which used previously to be in the forest
1334 Not 1665 copy of claim of Clipstone for pasture in Birkland
1538 Not 2 extracts from survey of King's Forests north of Trent
1538 Not perambulation of Sherwood; starting from Nottingham castle
1572 Not survey of the royal hays in Sherwood
1579 Not inquisition, re. rights of officers and inhabitants of Sherwood
1591 Not view of all the deer in Sherwood. (729 total)
16c Kew Sketch map of area between Birkland and Rufford
1605 Not Presentments and proceedings of forest court, held at Mansfield
1629 Not relating to rights of men of Mansfield in forest of Sherwood
1656 Kew Sherwood Forest: survey of ground called "Birkland"
1656 Not Draft indenture, sale of timber from woods called Flishcarr, Annetts Bower and the Shroggs for 99 yrs
1658 Not claim of John Gosling, gent., to (a) rangership and keepership of walks of Bilhay and Birkland
1660 Not Petition of inhabitants of Edwinstowe to Marquis of Newcastle; that Chas. Gosling has encroached on the Duke's manor and the tenants' common of Edwinstowe
1661 Not instructions to verderers of Sherwood to report on a petition
1661 Not warrant to use royal timber lately blown down in Berckland and Billy for shipping, and to sell what not suitable
1661 Not warrant to survey wastes, etc., committed in Sherwood
1666 Not as to deer in Clipston Park illegally killed by Wm. Healowe of Nettleworth,
1667 Not Warrant of Wm. Stanhope to constable of Waksope, to levy £20 from Wm. Healowe for illegal taking of game.
1671 Not Includes trees cut down in Billhagh and Birkland since 1660 and any alterations of boundaries there
1671 Not re. debt for cutting 61 tons of bar iron for def. at Clipston slitting mill
1671 Not Re. Neale's former lease of Clipston and Carburton forges, his demand for moveables (wheels and shafts, as specified), damages he caused by dismantling when he left, and dispute over rent he owed.
1673 Not Includes some valuation of timber, and statements of proceedings in Eyre and how Newcastle is taking over the Crown's rights
1673 Not re. debt for 1000 cords of birchwood from Clipstone Park
1676 Not Sherwood Forest Book - Pleas of the forest chiefly held at Mansfield 1662-1676
1688 NotU Agreement with the inhabitants of Edwinstowe as to pannage in Billhagh and Birkland
17c Not Collection of Sherwood forest records from temp. Hen. III to c.1600. Grants, claims, lists of officers and fees, pleas, detailed survey of 1599, etc.
17c Not perambulation of the Forests of Nottingham ...north along the Medine water to Peverelthorp and Warsop to Pleselegh Park; thence to Eghtredesbrig, Milneford, Wyndhill and Herteswell, ...
17c Not Memo. of letters patent of 1614 granting Budby Garth (92a.) and all trees (boundaries given) to inhabitants of Budby
1701 Not licence of William III to John, Duke of Newcastle, warden of Sherwood, allowing him to take deer in Sherwood
1701 Not view of deer in Sherwood
1702 Not dispute as to whether defs. are within the purlieus of Sherwood; defs. claiming they are not, have killed deer and prevented forest rangers from driving strays back to forest
1703 Not agrees to the Ryding proposed by his Grace to be made thro Birkland and Bilha Woods and a warrant will speedily be signed by the Queen …hay for deer
1705 Not reports of surveyor on:- making a riding through Billhagh. Fee trees and wages of verderers
1708 Not Legal memos., extracts from statutes re. killing of deer in purlieus, with ref. to Sherwood
1708 Not errors in proceedure of committing Manby for killing deer in Sherwood
1708 Not Account of deer in Sherwood and the purlicus, specifying those upon Newcastle's premises. (652 total)
1708 Not Re. taking over Clipstone Park from Wm. Gosling; counts of deer, details of hunts, legal and illegal; food for hounds, with 1711 oatmeal bill; memos. re. horses at grass, hares, partridges, etc
1709 Not Draft letter for Duke of Newcastle re. ridings in Birkland and making of new park
1709 Not Grant of Anne to Duke of Newcastle to empark 3,000 ac. of Sherwood Forest (being his property) and licence to cut a riding through "decayed wood at Birkland" Duke to receive £1000 a year for life of Queen, and to be Ranger of Park for that period. Queen to hold park for life, reversion to Duke.
1709 Not Queen Anne to Duke of Newcastle.
re surrender of former licence for cancellation, now to use of Queen for life, then to Duke. £9 p.a. for keepers levied by Sheriff of Notts. still to be paid
1709 Not re. deer stealing…
1710 Kew Queen Anne to Duke of Newcastle re Birklands
1710 NotU warrant permitting the Duke of Newcastle to make a new riding and widen an existing one across Birkland wood in Sherwood Forest
1710 Not Letter re declining birch cordwood in Birkland
1710 Not Letter re price he will give for birch cordwood in Birkland, and he will fill up charcoal pits after.
1710 Not Cordwood delivered to Mr. Astley in Birkland. . 742 cords at 8d. per cord. £296.18.6.
1710 Not Letters between John Bellamy at Edwinstowe and Wm. Wenman; detail of cordwood and clifts in cutting the riding, and prices for same
1714 Not Account for making a ride through Birkland wood
1720 Kew sale in 1717 of trees blown down in Birkland and Billow
1727 Not Re. Clipston Forge and premises, for 15 yrs., £90 p.a. to provide cordwood, etc., paying 12s. p. cord
1734 Not Agreement of Thos. Bromehead to surrender his tenancy of Gleadthorpe warren to bro. John, subject to rent arrears
1734 Not Agreement for Gleadthorpe Warren House, dovecote, etc., and coney warren in Sherwood (other game reserved) for 3 yrs., £60 p.a. and 1 waggon load of boon coals. To leave 400 couple rabbits and a reasonable number of pigeons on quitting.
1749 Not Account of pigs and mast - Birkland and Bilhough
1755 Not Agreement of Sam. Newham to buy rabbits killed in Clipstone Park
1755 Not Account of rabbits delivered by Timothy Willcocks of Clipstone Park to Sam. Newham
1763 Not List of trees and shrubs in Thoresby nursery (over 480,000
1771 Not Agreement for Gleadthorpe Grange Warren(game reserved). For 21 yrs., £125 p.a. £5 for each acre ploughed of Pinfold Meadow and 2 closes next the river. to destroy all rabbits to utmost of his power; to deliver 1 load of boon coals p.a. or pay 12s., and to keep a hound dog for her grace if required. Covenants re. cultivation, draining and bank. may get stone and have a lime kiln in close in occ. Rich. Newton at Soulkholme,
1783 Not Claims to timber in Sherwood to be made, under order of Commons.
1787 Not re. Billagh and Birkland. Crown owns timber, Duke of Portland the soil, inhabitants of Edwinstowe the right of common; Crown cannot enclose to protect timber or deer.
1791 Kew Plan of the Hays of Birkland and Bilhagh
1791 Kew 'A Plan of the Hays of Birkland and Bilhagh
1791 Not detailed instructions by Commissioners of Land Revenue for survey of Crown property in Sherwood
1791 Not 2 copies account of lands in Sherwood belonging to Crown not granted away; quoting surveys of 1609 and 1654.
1793 Kew 'A Plan of the Hays of Birkland and Bilhagh
1795 Not George III appoints Duke of Portland steward of Sherwood Forest … to have 20s. p.a. each in right of foresters of Billhough and Birkland
1800 Not Memos. on trees as surveyed in Birkland and Bilhagh, 1609-1790
1818 Parl An Act for vesting in His Majesty Parts of the Hayes of Birkland and Bilbagh, and of certain Commonable Lands and Open Uninclosed Grounds in the Township of Edwinflowe
1821 Not Accounts and vouchers of sales of wood in Welbeck, Clipstone, Hucknall Torkard, Birkland and Harlow
1835 Kew plan of Birkland, bounded by Budby, Clipston and Warston parishes
1860 Not Plan of houses and land for sale on Edwinstowe Forest
1872 Not Sale notice and particulars of houses and lands at Edwinstowe
1876 Not Accounts and vouchers of sales of wood in Nottinghamshire
? Not Petition of the inhabitants of Edwinstowe, Clipstone and Budby to Henry Cavendish, Duke of Newcastle, that they may have wood out of the hays of Birkland and Bilhaugh towards the repairing of their church