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Interactive Map of Western Birklands

Click on the red numbers on the map to discover more about the features we have investigated

Map of Features Thynghowe Warsop Stone Trackway Budby Stone Warsop Stone Warsop Stone Edwinstowe Stone Green Drive Culvert Sentry Post Trackway Coppiced Oaks Hanger Hill Drive Trench Conifers Trench Trench Trench Stone Jerusalem's Well Trench Boundary Limes Trackway Munition Disposal area Stone Hanger Hill Drive Ammunition Store Pit Dead Oak Green Drive Depressions Warsop Boundary Stone Ammunition Store Ammunition Store Earhworks Trackway Chantry Chapel Site Deer Leap Parliament Oak Shambles Oak Oak Plantation Site of WW2 buildings Site of Russian Log Cabin Wood Rectangle Cobbled Track Ammunition Store WW2 buildings Oak Oak Sawpit Trackway Trackway