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The Friends of Thynghowe

Who are The Friends of Thynghowe?

Local people from our three Nottinghamshire village history societies in Clipstone, Edwinstowe and Warsop were introduced to discoveries made along the route of the 1816 Perambulation of the Lordship of Warsop. As a result we formed the Friends of Thynghowe group to further investigate the Birklands area and the site of Thynghowe.

Trail Launch Event
Thynghowe Trail launch event

The aim of our group is to protect, conserve and enhance the heritage of the area.

We wish to make the historical, cultural and natural heritage of the area accessible, on all levels, to local people and to visitors to the Sherwood area.

What do The Friends of Thynghowe aim to achieve?

We plan to continue discovering the ‘real’ history of Sherwood Forest and to restore the links that local people once had with this area of Birklands.

What have we achieved so far?

By undertaking an annual celebration boundary perambulation we introduce local people to the sense of place, and the timeline they are part of.

We are mapping the historic features we discover by undertaking field based surveys.

We initiate professional investigations into the area around Thynghow.

We are researching the history of the working woodland through the ages.

We arrange training in surveying natural and archaeological features and in archive research.

We produce a record of local people’s knowledge and memories to include the modern history of the Birklands/Sherwood Forest area.

By working with the Forestry Commission we influence the management plan for the area of the project, so that the historic features are protected but still accessible to visitors. This also includes sensitive management of archaeological and natural features, and takes into consideration rare animal and plant species. We believe that if local people are involved in developing the management plan this will lead to greater understanding and protection of the site.

We publish materials that will increase the understanding and appreciation of this special part of our heritage.

We participated in the Woodland Heritage Champions Project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Forestry Commission, South Yorkshire Biodiversity Research Group (SYBRG), and the Woodland Trust. We were the first group to get involved in the project and have contributed to and helped with the development of the The Woodland Heritage Manual – A Volunteer Guide to Investigating Ancient Semi-natural Woodlands in England.

We have designed and waymarked the Thynghowe Trail through the woodlands of Birklands.

We give talks to community groups about the past of the Forest.

We welcome groups of local school pupils into the woodlands to learn about their local heritage.

How can I help?

Take an interest in our work, tell your family and friends about what we discover and keep the story of Thynghowe alive.

Let us know about any memories or stories about this part of the forest

Join us for our training, surveying and research. Learn new skills and contribute to our work.

Don’t let the past of this remarkable area become forgotten again!

How can I join The Friends of Thynghowe?

Come to one of our events or contact us for details