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The Russian Hut

Russian Hut

The Russian Hut was sited alongside Clipstone Drive near the junction with Green Drive. This Russian log cabin or 'dacha' was initially displayed at an exhibition and was later moved into Birklands in the 1880s to serve as a hunting lodge, initially for the 6th Duke of Portland. Many distinguished visitors were entertained there. Margaret Woodhead, a member of the Friends of Thynghowe, recounts that when she was about six or seven years old she was invited into Russian Hut and allowed to sit on a chair that had previously been used by seven crown heads of Europe. The cabin was used by the military during the Second World War, but was demolished in 1954 after it fell into disrepair. The area of the Forest around the Russian Hut was cultivated as a garden with lawns and ornamental planting, the copper beech and rhododendrons can still be seen.


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