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UK Thing Sites

This list contains some possible Thing sites. The evidence may be documentary, archaeological or from the name of the location. We have not thoroughly researched this area and have stumbled across most of these locations whilst performing internet searches for other information. There are undoubtedly many more sites that we have not included.

Name Location GridRef Notes More Info
Thynghowe Sherwood Forest, England SK59926835  National Monuments No: 1461548  
Ting at Fell Foot Farm Little Langdale, Cumbria, England NY298031 Ting mound at foot of Wyrnose Pass adjacent to Castle Howe Neolithic hillfort. On National Trust land and visible from adjoining field. 
National Monuments No: 9745
Cross Hill, Thingwall Nr Irby, The Wirral, England SJ2784 Cross Hill's "thingfield" and Thingwall take their name from the Norse for parliament
Dingwall, Highlands Dingwall near Inverness, Scotland NH550590  The town of Dingwall has its origins as a Viking thingstead, Dingwall being "thingvollr", the place of assembly of the Norse "thing" court that met on an earthen mound on a site which today is the Cromartie Car Park, adjacent to St Clement's kirkyard and the parish church of Dingwall.
Thinghou Finger Farm, Diseworth, Leics  SK4625 Finger Farm roundabout provides access to M1 J23a services Aspects of the development of public assembly in the Danelaw -
Hinghowe Colston Bassett, Notts   Possibly the site of a Thing, but the name may have been taken from an estate in Suffolk
Low Hill Blyth, Notts   Blyth Low Hill was the original meeting place of the Bassetlaw wapentake Aspects of the development of public assembly in the Danelaw -
Fingay Hill East Harlsey, Nr Northallerton, Yorks SE4099 Name derived from Thing
Thingoe Hill Near Bury St.Edmunds Suffolk. TL850654 Thingoe Rural District Council ceased to exist in 1974 Aspects of the development of public assembly in the Danelaw -
Tain, Highlands Approx 30 miles north-east of Dingwall, Scotland   A possible site as the name Tain is uncertain. It may come from the Norse "Thing", a place of assembly.
Secklow Milton Keynes   Following excavation of original mound prior to building work, Secklow Mound was reconstructed in 1978 on a site behind the Central Milton Keynes library! Original mound was constructed in tenth century and was 25m in diameter, surrounded by a roughly circular 1m deep ditch.
Thingwala Near Whitby, Yorks NZ9008 Among the lands granted to Whitby Abbey in the 11th century was Thingwala (Tingwall), listed between Stainsacre and Larpool .
Dingbell Hill Whitfield, Northumbeland NY775585