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A Walk from Edwinstowe to the Thynghowe Trail

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This walk takes us from the village of Edwinstowe to its boundaries with Clipstone, Warsop and Budby. The section along the Thynghowe Trail marks some of the events of over a thousand years of history. This area was once border territory between the kingdoms of Northumbria and Mercia with the hill of Thynghowe, possibly playing an important role in this era. Later it became the pleasure grounds for royalty and nobility who contributed to the remarkable story of this area. Throughout these times the forest also provided a living for the common people from the villages around its edges.

The guide describing the Thynghowe Trail provides more information about the history of the area.

Most of the walk is on good paths although a few sections may be muddy following wet weather. The route follows public footpaths, bridleways and permissive paths. Ordnance Survey Explorer Map 28 – Sherwood Forest is recommended if you are not familiar with this area.

This walk is about 12 kilometres (7.5 miles) and should take between 2.5 hours and a whole day, depending on how long you spend exploring the Thynghowe Trail.

Leave Edwinstowe along Church Street and turn left just before reaching the cricket ground.
Walk past the fairground and follow the bridleway that is signed to Gleadthorpe.
After about 400m turn left at the crossroads of paths and follow a bridleway.
Continue for about 1.5km with fields to your left and woodland to your right.
Pass through a gap in the magnificent holly hedge and turn left along the broad grassy ride of The Neutral Ground.
Continue for about 800m then turn right to walk parallel to the main road.
After about 250m follow the path as it veers to the right away from the road and continue with farmland to your left and woodland to your right. At the junction of paths after 500m take the left branch.
After another 600m you will see the cross marking the site of St Edwin’s Chapel in the hedgerow on your left. Continue another 200m and cross the tarmac forest road (Clipstone Drive) and in a further 80m you will reach the Thynghowe Trail at point B.
Turn right and follow the trail, keeping left as you approach the hill of Thynghowe. After about another 1km you will reach a crossroads of paths marked by a fingerpost (point M). To return to Edwinstowe turn right along the forest road (although you may first wish to explore the remainder of the Thynghowe Trail).
After 500m you will reach the corner of Budby Common. Turn right along the National Cycle Route.
After 1km at the top of a hill follow the bridleway signed to the left.
Continue with the fenced woodland enclosures initially to your right and then on both sides. At a major junction of paths after about 1.5km keep straight on up the slope and in another 400m you will rejoin our outward route. Keep straight on to return to the cricket ground.


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